Association of Barangay Captains (ABC) splits into IPE-SAGAR factions

DUMAGUETE CITY – The Liga ng mga Barangay or the Association of Barangay Captains (ABC) is now facing a major split between two camps, one loyal to City Mayor Felipe Remollo and the other to Congressman Manuel Sagarbarria.

An almost even split where LIGA numbers are concerned has given political forecasters difficulty in predicting the outcome of what could be another hotly contested political exercise next year.

Despite the divide, Dumaguete City Mayor Felipe Anotonio Remollo still congratulated the outcome of the election in the LIGA while stressing that he has a lot of plans for the barangays.

Holding the leadership of the Liga is Motong Barangay Captain Dionnie Amores who won over Daro Barangay Captain Jovencio Tan Jr. in a very close fight, 16-14. This was the same story in the voting for Vice respective barangays and that of the city if they did not choose their ABC president wisely.” He further said that the ABC president’s vote in the City Council is material in the passage of ordinances and the future of the city’s plans and programs, in wanting to prevent situations where development is hampered because of too much politicking. Remollo also praised former ABC president Lionel Banogon for consulting his constituents and the rest of the barangay captains when voting on crucial issues in the city council in favor of the majority to include an appropriation ordinance vehemently opposed by some of his colleagues in the minority.

For his part, newlyelected ABC president Dionnie Amores said he seeks to unify the association and to work as one Liga that is independent in vision and mission. He assured the 29 other barangay captains in front of the Mayor that he will support plans and programs that will be of benefit to the barangays.

Amores was quick to refute the observation that the 30 barangay leaders voted along loyalty lines even when the 16-14 split was already evident. The challenge now for Amores is to figure out exactly how to unite the divided barangay captains of Dumaguete due to partisan politics when even the seating arrangement seemed to spell out whose side the leaders are on.

Amores stressed it is but normal in an election that everybody is given the free will to vote for his chosen candidate under a democratic space. Among Amores’ priority projects is the strengthening of barangay-based institutions such as the barangay anti-drug abuse council, among others to help in the campaign against illegal drugs and maintain peace and order in the city.

After winning the ABC election, Amores LIGA splits into IPE-SAGAR factions From page 2 made it clear he is not only the ABC president of the 15 barangay captains who voted for him but also to the 14 others who did not vote for him.

ABC Vice President Nelson Ablir said it was time to move forward. He said that it is his desire to have a strong relationship with all the punong barangays in the best interest of service.

In spite of losing the elections, Daro Barangay Captain Jovencio Tan Jr. still congratulated the winners and wanted to sit down with the winner as one liga. He looks forward for a better Dumaguete and he said that can only be achieved by a united association of punong barangays.