Arrogance of power: enemy of the State


Beleaguered congressman John Bertiz of the partylist OFW has no idea what he just “ignited,” in the entire Filipino nation. Sometimes when a person is drowned with pride and arrogance, he cannot see himself thinking that he is always right.

What he just did—slap an airport security personnel with his ID special pass (foto below) to enter the NAIA and demanded exemption from further security check—is just the kind of deed that angers an already over-abused massa of people.

The congressman’s arrogance of power is precisely what angers lowly Filipinos… a people that has been exploited since the Spanish , American, Japanese and Marcos and now era, who will surely condemn Bertiz. We will be surprised if the ethics committee will even spare him, if not strip him of his title. Woe to the arrogant public Filipino official. Good riddance to one from Negros who is no longer in office.

This so-called “Red October” of president Duterte is nothing but a “Red Scare,” like the communist buggy in the Kennedy era where every oppositor becomes a communist. Yes, a stupid communist like the accuser.

Know why militant studentry is re-born again ? It’s because of the absence of a credible and strongwilled opposition, one that matches the Duterte kind. When the students find the political opposition weak as now, they will march in protest to anything under the sun if only to put to use their oozing energy and anger and frustration. Imagine Joe Ma is more projected now than the political opposition who really needs a leader very BADLY>.

Political Mergers

The era of political mergers and coalition is resurrected at least in Negros Oriental because nobody likes to venture in unchartered waters under the Duterte administration.

Is the PRRD bandwagon real, imaginary, or temporary? No opposition would venture to fight whatever this giant political coalition is called.

Political groupings and parties that also do not have proper and clear-cut ideology become insecure because even their own members can jump ship anytime.

This is the dilemma facing every would be candidate in the May elections next year: everything is uncertain and unchartered.