Army mobilization talks afloat: Can reservists carry guns?

Can army reservists carry firearms even if they are not yet activated? This developed as mobilization talks are afloat amid a rise in insurgency and terrorism in many places, Negros Island not excluded.

Reservists when activated were eyed to augment police work during times of emergencies and state of calamities.

National Reservists Week in August will highlight the mobilization, accounting, and profiling of members of the reservist battalion in Negros Oriental.

There is a need for reservists in the army to be updated with recent developments of the Armed Forces of the Philippines. This will help them understand their role as a ready reserve unit should the situation escalate.

Chairman for ceremonies Nilo Sayson said a ceremonial review in honor of dignitaries from the army reserve command in Manila will be performed by the army reservists themselves. The venue of which is still being arranged.

Army reservists may be issued firearms as it goes along with the uniform provided they have specific mission orders issued by the authorized agency in government.

The reservists from the Army Reserve Command (ARESCOM) of the 703rd Community Defense Center in Camp Leon Kilat under the concurrent commander Lt Col Crescencio Tan Jr. will host this year’s celebration of the national reservist week in August this year.

Nilo Duran Sayson who is in charge of personnel and the headquarters service company said that prior to the big event in the third week of August this year, several activities are being lined up. One of which is a coastal clean up from Bantayan to Looc on Saturday, July 20.

Other activities include two medical-dental missions in Silliman University and in the surrounding barangays of Tubtubon, Magatas, Boloc-boloc and Agan-an. This series of events is sponsored by the Technical Administrative Service of the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

The coastal clean up on Saturday will be in coordination with reservists from the Airforce, Navy, maritime police, coast guard and ROTC units in the city including the barangay officials of three barangays, namely, Bantayan, Piapi and Looc and their respective bantay dagats.

Major Sayson disclosed its not just plain coastal clean up but for participants to remove garbage from the seawater, to include broken glasses, plastics, used tires, and tin cans.