Are you prepared for Jesus?


Jesus praises John the Baptist before the crowd after He dealt with John’s question on whether He was the Messiah or not. Jesus’ compliments about John were not because they were cousins. There were values that John stood for and lived with that are noteworthy.

John was truly a prophet, a mouth of God, and this shone in his simple life. He lived not with pomp and luxury but on wild honey and grasshoppers. He witnessed to the value of a life beyond material living. John was holy in his transparency. He was sincere. He made no pretensions, even about his thoughts and feelings. He expressed these with straightforward words.

John was a martyr, courageous in his witness. The values he stood for and the message that he proclaimed were counter-cultural. These were against the beliefs of the influential and the powerful of his time. But he stood his ground.

Tomorrow, we begin our novena Masses for Christmas. Before we get lost in the many things to attend to, and before we get drowned in the many concerns of celebration, it is good today to ask the basic question: “Am I prepared for Jesus?”

Should Jesus come right before you, will He praise you as He did with John? Will Jesus find some noteworthy values in your own life and person? Fr. Domie Guzman, SSP

REFLECTION QUESTION: Take time to examine your life as you are today. Go to confession.