Angry people


It’s already difficult for people economically and socially because of the quarantine, however sometimes the businesses and government makes things worse.

The public gets frustrated when they are now being stopped at the checkpoints for such a variety of things, some of which is unnecessary and could be enforced later in the future — — if it all. For example, for traffic control to reprimand or ticket people for the helmet laws, needing long pants and saying no to slippers, on top of needing a quarantine pass and mask, is downright abusive.

And then we have people turned away at grocery stores. Just forget about quarantine passes at grocery stores and let EVERYBODY get food! Hey, seniors need to eat, also! Just simply have a maximum number of people in the store at a time and make them wear a mask — if the store is not crowded social distancing becomes easy!

And as far as driving around Dumaguete at slow speeds, a bicycle helmet is certainly adequate. The other helmets are too hot and you cannot hear adequately. The heavy motorcycle helmets are really best on the highway.

Now, I do wear long pants and shoes on my motor, and I think that is best, however let’s be kinder during this difficult time, and not use checkpoints to make us more stressed.

Calvin Trent