Angry Americans

The killing of a black man, George Floyd, by a white American policeman which sparked riots and unrest all over America. | Look how Americans ridicule their own president as if in pursuit of total FREEDOM of speech , —— without responsibility? Is this the new journalism normal today? We say this is totally unacceptable.


It is not about George Floyd . But it is about the anger of Americans for all  that  life and society is now , their frustration with the system and the apathy and indifference of its officialdom.

It only took one isolated traffic incident to spark widespread riots all over the States, even causing untold millions in damages just because a black man was unjustly killed by a policeman. (see left foto above)

If the rioters only dug deeper before reacting, unfortunately too, the black American victim who died was himself a felon, a convict, and a drug addict who victimized a lot of housewives in domestic robberies.

So why are Americans so angry about the incident when hundreds if not thousands  of similar if not worse incidents happen every single day all over America!

Here are the reasons:

  1. Racism: and discrimination against blacks, have not yet been totally  erased from the minds of white Americans  since the end of  the last  Civil War; they always think that whites are against  blacks and vice versa;
  2. Despite the equal rights laws, blacks  are  considered lower or second class citizens by many Americans, even as  virtually   all Americans idolize and passionately watch  the NBA games like the game of gladiators of ancient Rome;
  3. Blacks are a talented race and many whites are jealous of the achievements of the blacks and vice versa; it’s a virtual Obama-Trump  clash;
  4. And if you have other valid reasons pls feel free to email us and share the same ( to ).

And so the Floyd incident will now go down into the annals of American  history as another  added spark plug that fueled  further unrest in America. Yet, will America play any role during the Biblical end times?

For Flipinos,  U.S. racism issue is   valid and relevant if not a timely  one for us,  because there are 2million Filipinos living and working in America (and vice versa) even as  both countries have  made a treaty to defend each other when attacked by its enemies,  even  though how one-sided a fight it  may be.