Ang Dios magtuctuc sa conciencia

Genoveva Lezana, for her part, could not contain her emotions in her letter to Padre Mariano Bernad on 18 August 1899: “… diri iampo gayud cami intaon cay cami opod naga-ampo canimo.”

The letter went on by saying: “ug firme gayud sa among ba-ba ang ngalan sa pari nga dili na gud daguay namo maquita, pag ca ilo ug pag ca macalolooy sa amo diri nga pag hibilin.”

It also expressed: “uala na cami diri ing papangayuan ug concejo, ug dili ang Dios nalamang ang magtuctuc sa among mga conciencia bason madayon unta namo paglacat ang maayung dalan, ug cami naga ampo nga taga-an unta icao ug maayo ang lawas…”

“Pray for us here as we also pray for you. Frequently on our lips is the name of the Priest whom we shall not see again. We are pitiful orphans left behind. From whom now shall we seek counsel?….”

The most tragic news for Fray Mariano Bernad was that of Fray Francisco Ayarra, the Recollect Provincial, who wrote on 12 September 1899 that “Fray (Pedro) Bengoa who was in Dumaguete had already been expelled by Governor (Demetrio) Larena of Dumaguete.”

And worst of all for the Church, the one and only Filipino secular priest, Fr. Baldomero Villareal who succeeded Fray Julian Adan as parish of Tanjay, was arrested in the latter part of September 1899 because of his participation in political affairs against the coming of the Americans.