And the blind will see


Blindness is a metaphor for sin. Sin distorts our seeing Jesus. Often we cannot see because we are blind — not physically but spiritually, which is the worst blindness anyone can have.

What blinds us are our selfishness, our lack of love and understanding, our unforgiveness, anger and unhealthy attitude towards each other.

This blindness is epidemic in our society. We need to have the courage to admit this sin, to repent and seek healing. Sometimes we need others to support us and lead us to the One who alone can heal and set us free.

The people who brought the man to Jesus are to be commended for their faith and love by bringing their friend to Jesus. Sometimes we are the blind who need healing; sometimes we are like the people who must bring our brothers and sisters to Jesus.

In whatever circumstance we find ourselves, let us come to Jesus, for He will heal us indeed and the blind will see. Fr. Brian Steele, MGL


What are the “blind spots” areas in your life?

In times of trial and tribulation let us hold on to the promise that God gave Noah – that He will never allow us to be totally destroyed. There will always be a faithful remnant who will keep the Gospel alive no matter how dark the days become. God will prevail over evil. Let this give us hope.