An epiczootic epidemic


Fr. Licinio Ruiz con cluded his recollec tions in 1915: If God punishes the rebellious, as I believe to be true, and if in Bais nothing of that sort of punishment has been seen, will we doubt God’s justice?

Far from us is such an idea, as a matter of fact, we believe that these sins and many others committed by Filipinos at the outset of the Revolution until the present day are being punished through that series of calamities weighing on this ill-fated people.

There was the epizootic epidemic that has just ended infecting working animals in large part.

There was the locust that through the entire year hovered over various fields and devastated them.

There was the famine, a word hardly heard before on the lips of Filipinos, and now is heard all over.

These calamities and others that I do neither enumerate nor tell about: what are they but manifestations of Divine Justice, getting fed up with so much sin.

Whatever one wishes (to call it), we praise the good intention of the (Jaro) Bishop rescinding the care of souls in the town of Bais from us and entrusting it to a native Priest. God grant him success and may copious, abundant fruits be with him in the sanctification of souls.

Convent of the Recollects, Manila, 2 October 1915. Fray Licinio Ruiz de Santa Eulalia, A. R. to wind down for the night. Further, avoid caffeinated beverages like coffee or tea at night. Dim the lights and just use night lights or no light at all. Before long, we’re off to dreamland. So, for those night owls, insomniacs and those with sleep problems out there, hope this article helps.