An election year


The year starts with a renewed vigor from all sectors mainly from the economic, political, and even religious fronts hoping to do better this brand new year.

This early, politicians are now flexing their muscles  getting ready for the mid-year elections in May . We hear that the religious sector is criticizing politicians for the coalition in the matter of not giving the people better choices. But who gives the choice? Nobody is barring the qualified to run. Politicians too are insecure of the national Duterte scenario that is why they opted the status quo.

In the city, despite the coalition, there are talks of “Trojan horses,” meaning, secret strategies to make sure of victory. That is bad and dishonest.  But remember, in politics there are no permanent friends nor enemies, only permanent interests.

Careful now, because the “weak” ones might be funded heavily by vested interest groups. What if the vulnerable religious groups will be given fat donations like half a million each in exchange for a solid vote from members?  What if coop members will be given bonus deposits of P500 each just to be sure of one’s vote? Can you beat that?  For some, this is affordable.  Both incumbents and challengers must be aware of such nefarious strategies.  Remember, nobody is stupid enough to invest heavily without R.O.I. (return of investment).

The city administration has been criticized by the legitimate working sector about why the boulevard is given “priority” over the much needed two bridges that link the city to the other side of the Banica. The city must start building that Foundation bridge NOW before elections otherwise its failure will be a political liability.

The 300 CCTV cameras must also be installed before elections otherwise its failure could be yet another liability. And good, the Material Recovery Facility MRF of the city’s 90-ton daily garbage is now starting in Candau-ay’s new site.

And this one-liner for the Church: Better fix your scandalous issues otherwise people will stop giving their tithes. Don’t wait for complainants to come forth with damning evidence. Initiate investigation now.

In short, the bottom line is PROMISES vs. FULFILLMENT.