America-Russia cold war imperils world peace

Donald John Trump is the current President of the United States of America and Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is the current President of Russia.
Donald John Trump is the current President of the United States of America and Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is the current President of Russia.

ONE VOICE– SOME PEOPLE FIND IT IRONIC that Russia, accused of illicitly helping Donald Trump win the presidency IN 2016 is now monumentally at odds with the USA today. It is a relationship that has gone to the pits equivalent to the height of the Cold War.- America-Russia cold war imperils world peace

China and the USA, in contrast, find one crucial to the other’s economic progress-and will not draw their swords from the scabbards. Even the slightly off-the-center Kim Jung Un of North Korea has miraculously invited Trump to Pyongyang and is talking reunification with its rival-South Korea.

One must note that one of the roots of the Soviet -Washington irritants is Syria- a geostrategic country in the Middle East with Russia propping it up with arms and airplanes.

But Syria is a complex problem and an enigma, at best.

This is because all three- the USA, Russia, and Assad want to obliterate the ISIS in Syria.But- the one complication is that the country is in a state of civil war and Assad is intermittently using internationally banned chemical weapons to win his internal war.

It is a brutal, inhumane method of mass murder that raises the hackles of the West -something the USA will never tolerate. Thus, when Assad used the nerve gas sarin and some chlorine to gas to death 49 people in Duoma -outside Damascus the other week, the West Coalition struck hard.

The USA, the UK, and France unloaded more than 100 missiles blowing to smithereens a chemical research, storage, and production facilities in Syria. No casualties were reported. It was twice the magnitude of the 2017 solo-bombing of the USA meant to cripple the chemical delivery system.

Russia did not get involved there and then- since none of the West’s bombs touched any of their military assets in Syria. Moscow, however, threatened to start World War III if any of her asset-facilities were damaged.

The action of the West while praised globally – was condemned in the same note for focusing on “the weapons and not the crime”.

Truth to tell, hateful as Trump is of Assad who he calls a “monster”Washington is afraid of two things which are the reasons why Assad continues to behave like the maniac that he is.

The USA is afraid that in assassinating Assad-which she can do in a moment’s notice- this will present a wider confrontation possibility with a giant like Russia. Moreover, an Assad departure apparently will create a vacuum – which cure can be worse than the disease.

Where chaos – much worse than cancer- would ensue after the deposition of the leaders as had happened in Baghdad.

This is the dilemma that is playing into the hands of the sadistic Assad. He knows he will be in power longer than anyone hoped for -including Russia and the USA.

Thus, in 2013, the Agreement with former US president Barrack Obama for Syria to no longer use chemical weaponswith Russia’s supervision- was just a piece of tissue paper thrown to the garbage. It was a great American Humiliation.

Chemical warfare continued with impunity in many small pockets in Syria. Thus, the “Mission Accomplished” statement of Trump over the recent Syrian bombing rings with irony since there are more, smaller chemical warfare factories strewn across Syria.

Much earlier, a former Russian spy in the UK was almost murdered where chemical poison was used -presumably by Russian secret operatives. Thereafter, all of the Russian intelligence officers were deported from Europe and Russia retaliated by firing several Western diplomats.

Obviously- Russia plays its global politics well. She knows that in an economic war with the USA- she does not stand a chance, smaller as her economy is. So the bluster Putin mouths out of his palatial home in the capital – is meant to project Russia as “larger than life” – in that she is capable of standing up to the USA  and can ignite the potential global catastrophe through a world war.

This is not helped any by Trump’s anti-Global-Robocop mentality, such that he has ordered the withdrawal of a maximum of 4,000 American soldiers in Syria in the next few months. Yet, he has the strongest words reserved for the ISIS and terrorists in the region.

Recall that, in Iraq, America did pull out the troops in 2011 -only to come back in  2014- in order to help quell the ISIS in that country.

This seeming equivocation to confront Russia in full force and the ambivalence in deposing the mass killer in Assad are somehow emboldening Assad’s fellow killers and the Putin to speak warlike words in addressing Washington.

This vacuum in global leadership that America had gradually created has been counterproductive to the attainment of world peace. The Robocop has quit on the world.

But many people still suggest that this ambivalence does not delay what is inevitable- that Russia and America will sooner than later square inside the ring – with gloves removed.

What a daunting possibility. We dread the consequences- since both America and Russia are armed to the teeth in nuclear weaponry. Lord, have mercy.

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