Amazing LOVE


My definition of love is caring about someone more than you care about yourself. I do not know where or when I grew to feel this way. If I were to guess, it probably started with looking at the world around me. When I was 6, I had a dog. He saw me across the street and decided to join me when a truck hit him. His back was broken and he was in great pain but, with his last breath, all he thought about was to crawl to me and be with me. He died in my arms.

Time and time again throughout my life, I saw this kind of love. While in Vietnam, I watched soldiers risk their lives to save their friends, leave total safety, and risk death to save someone. Some actually died. My love for my wife and family is NOT based on what they can do for me but what I can give to them, how I can make their life better.

When you love someone, you hope they love you back, hope you can make each other happy. But, if he/she is no longer happy, you let him/her go to find her happiness. Love is not yours to take. It can only be given.