Allies now foes vow clean fight

Political parties and groupings running this election are on their guard against those who will under-mine the agreements of the coalition in not putting up candidates to oppose them yet do some indirect ways of violating the same.

Although they have parted ways, the former staunch allies promised to run a campaign that is clean, fair and dignified to set an example in Dumaguete city in the upcoming national and local elections on May 2019.

This is the pledge that councilors running under the unity ticket of Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo and 2nd District Cong Manuel Sagarbarria gave to Councilor Alan Gel Cordova, who has opted to run for vice-mayor as an independent.

The back and forth between hitherto allies was prompted by rumors on the unreliability of the newly formed coalition and the spread of black propaganda.

Councilor Cordova deplored false reports that he was kicked out from the LUPAD group or coalition when it was his decision to run as an independent. The former vice-mayor and known maverick warns that there are those who abuse their freedoms by spreading black propaganda and lies.

Councilors Lilani Ramon, Arbas and Arbon confirmed the account of Cordova, in fact, they along with Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo tried to convince him to join the coalition ticket as the best means to foster unity and speed up the implementation of the programs and projects of the city government.

For his part Arbas opines that black propaganda seems to be common every election season that includes peddling of lies to malign certain candidates, but it behooves the candidates “not to destroy others just to win for it is not what the people want or deserve.”

“We want Dumaguete to be a model of good politics,” Arbas stressed.

Cordova’s former allies also manifested their initial reservations in joining the coalition but they ultimately decided to give it a try to underscore their trust in the leadership and good intention of Mayor Remollo.

On the other hand, Cordova was steadfast in his decision to run for vice-mayor as an independent despite requests by his former peers.

Ramon stressed that since Lupad and Abante are now in a coalition, the official candidate that they will support is the incumbent Vice-Mayor Franklin Esmeòa.

Finally, Arbon stressed that coalitions are not evil, immoral, and unethical or illegal per se, especially of all candidates put the interest of the public above all then it should be good for all stakeholders and constituents.