All councilors get chair turfs (finally!)

Interpreted by many as a gesture of political maturity, the City Council under Vice Mayor Alan Gel Cordova has made sure that all councilors will handle the chairmanship of at least one committee so as to assure them of a busy term of office.

They will also be held accountable for the success or failure of the concerns of their committees. Also accountable to the people who put them in office.

Unlike in some cities and municipalities, all the counsilors of Dumaguete City regardless of rank and seniority will handle committee chairmanships os they could fully serve their mandate.

Usually, inaugural sessions would feature the majority and most senior members getting all the standing committees sometimes depriving the minority or neophytes of any chairmanships outright.

Committee assignments are sometimes dictated by the mayor or the vice-mayor, which could be part of a proxy fight among competing interests. But in the case of Dumaguete City, the entire set of councilors including teh SK Federation President and Liga ng mga Barangay President decided to convene in a caucus to agree via consensus who should chair the committees.

In Wednesday’s inaugural session, the City Councilors and Vice-Mayor Alan Gel Cordova resolved the distribution of the committees through consensus and reported back to the floor that each Councilor including the Vice-Mayor gets to Chair at least one of the 14 standing committees corresponding to their expertise and advocacy.

The following legislators have been elected as chairpersons of the 2019- 2022 standing committees of the Sanggunian, namely: Councilor Michael Bandal, Committee on Personnel, Tourism, Heritage and the Arts; Councilor Lilani Ramon, Committee on Finance and Appropriations/ Ways and Means; Councilor Karissa Tolentino- Maxino, Committee on Rules, Ordinances, Legal Matters and Good Governance; Councilor Manuel Patrimonio, Committee on Engineering, Public Works, Housing, Urban Development, Land Use and General Services; Vice-Mayor Alan Cordova, Committee on Peace and Order, Drug Abuse, Public Safety, Transportation and Traffic; Councilor Bernice Elmaco, Committee on Women, Children and Family Life, Special-needs Groups; Councilor Rosel Erames, Committee on Education; SK President Lei Marie Danielle Tolentino, Committee on Youth Affairs and Sports; Councilor Manuel Sagarbarria, Committee on the Environment, Agriculture and Fisheries; Councilor Edgar Lentorio Jr., Committee on Health; Councilor Agustine Miguel Perdices, Committee on Livelihood, Social Services and Poverty Alleviation; Councilor Joe Kenneth Arbas, Committee on Economic Enterprise, Trade and Industry, Employment, Public Utilities, Gaming and franchises (except for MCH) and Liga ng mga Barangay President Dione Amores, Committee on Barangay Affairs.

Additionally, some of the legislators will sit in special bodies: Councilors Bandal will also sit in the Personnel Selection Board; Councilor Ramon will also have a seat in the City Development Council; Patrimonio as member of the Local Housing Board; Cordova as member of the Peace and Order Council; Erames, member of the Local School Board; Bandal as member of the Tourism Council and Arbas as member of the Market Committee.