Advice to our president

Photo by PCOO EDP


Our President – Rodrigo “Digong” Duterte, is doing well as President. In fact he is still very popular with the Filipino people based on a recent survey.  His popularity rating is not affected by his vulgar language, which is completely out of place as President of the Philippines.  So, Mr. President, you are enjoying the support of the Filipino people, in spite of your vulgarity and being uncouth and being “bastos.”  Mr. President, you are now the incumbent President of the Republic of the Philippines.  Please stop using vulgar language and do not include in your public speeches, words that should be given only in private among friends, especially during drinking sessions with your friends. Children are listening to you imagine!

Mr. President, you cannot solve the problems of the nation but you have tried and you have made progress.  Focus on the peace and order because no country can progress without peace and order.  The Armed Forces of the Philippines and all the peace keeping forces should do its job to the utmost and dismiss policemen and soldiers who have shown lack of zeal and courage to maintain peace and order.   This is a tall order because corruption has been ingrained in our culture and society.  Cleansing of the government should start with the Judiciary.

How can we fight corruption if we have corrupt judges?  How can we fight bandits and lawless elements if the government forces are only interested in collecting their salaries?  We should spend our government resources for maintenance of peace and order, then growth and progress will follow.

We have a country that is exporting technicians, workers, and other professionals to all the countries of the world.  We have world class Filipinos all over the world because of their skills. Why can we not harness the Filipino workforce to build a great country?

Mr. President, lead us to greatness and we shall remember you as the greatest President, the Philippines ever had.  GOD BLESS YOU AND GOOD LUCK!