A secret conference


We are now in the last installment of the report of Fr. Licinio Ruiz in the year 1907:

Less than two weeks ago, the Honorable Governor summoned to his office almost all the friar parish priests of this province, with whom he was in a secret conference.

According to my informants, the purpose of the conference was to recommend to the friars that they contribute to the peace and progress in the province as if the friars had ever disturbed its peace, despite the fact that on more than one occasion there were more than enough reasons to complain, etc.

Following on from that conference both the parish priest of Bais and the Honorable Governor talked about it in a span of three hours, (that same day) at midnight the burning of Bais (church) happens, at such so unseasonable an hour, a time so propitious to the criminal.

Whatever one makes out of this and whatever may the motive be for this so lamentable an incident, on our part, we cannot have less than a profound regret, whatever the cause or the hand of man that may have caused it.

In this newspaper column, we beg the Authority of the Archipelago to earnestly order a scrupulous investigation of the crime and (the suspect) be charged under the weight of evidence, insofar as this alone will prevent abusive acts, that disturb the peace in the society that all have to contribute. 30 December 1907. Fr. Licinio Ruiz.