A ruler should be feared rather than loved


This is the personification of our incumbent President Rodrigo Roa Duterte. And this was the rule laid by Nicolo Machiavelli in his book, “The Prince”. Nicolo Machiavelli said “The ends justify the means.” President Duterte consciously or unconsciously is following these principles.

He has succeeded in instilling fear among the Filipino people. As President Duterte has instilled fear among the Filipinos, his fight against illegal drugs has instilled fear among the drug lords. So many drug personalities have been killed and following the principle that the ends justify the means, the killings were justified to stop the drugs that is destroying the future of this country.

War Before Peace

In the name of fighting drugs and corruption, the unexplained wealth could be countered by the government with “unexplained death.” I hope our President would be successful in his anticorruption drive. The drug problem is easier to solve but corruption cannot be completely eradicated. There is corruption even in communist countries like Russia, China, Cuba, and North Korea. In the Philippines, there is always corruption in the government. I wish that President Duterte would solve the unexplained wealth with unexplained death. But that would be bad because he will have no more government. But it will partly solve unemployment problem because he has to appoint new personnel to vacant positions. The killings of the drug lords and their body guards have given work to workers at the funeral parlors. The killings will alleviate the population explosion in the Philippines. The recent order of the President is to kill NPA rebels. No more peace talks. There can only be peace if there is war. After the war on drugs, on corruption, on the rebels and terrorists, there will be peace.

So, a “ruler should be feared rather than loved” and the “ends will justify the means.”