“A prisoner of love”


The Bureau of Corrections of Muntinlupa is now known as the Bureau of Corruption. There is so much corruption, that it is the prisoners who are running the Bureau of Prisons.

In fact those who go against the web of corruption are killed. If you want to be released early you have to bribe those in charge of computing your time to be served.

If you want to be hospitalized you have to bribe the doctors and you will be serving your jail term in the comfort of the hospital with the care of the hospital personnel.

President Duterte should transfer all the inmates to an island where they have no contact with the outside world and no chance to escaping.

With so many islands in the Philippines, we can always look for an isolated island, that they have no way of escaping and the bureau of prisons personnel cannot be corrupted. I suggest strongly, that it be located in one of the islands claimed by China, and Philippines, so that we can give the island together with all the prisoners to china.

In the case of the UMALOHOKAN, he is a prisoner of love, and to all the girls I loved before, I still love them.