8 Excellent Health Benefits of Rambutan

The name rambutan originates from the Malaysian word for hair “rambut” and it certainly was a wisely chosen one.

The fruit looks like a little sea urchin. It has a soft pliable outer shell covered in hairy bristle like spikes with a juicy, milky-white, fleshy fruit in white or even rose-tinted color.

Experts call Rambutan a “super fruit” due to its numerous health benefits.

Here are some you probably didn’t know.

  1. Contains Anti-Cancer Properties

Rambutan fruit contains anti-oxidant components. Study shows that the skin and seed of the fruit have been proven to be effective prevention against different kinds of cancer.

  1. Source of Iron

Rambutan contains high amount of iron which is essential for the human body to work properly. Iron present in the hemoglobin is used by the human body to transfer oxygen from the lungs to the different tissues.

  1. Improves sperm quality

The fruit is loaded with Vitamin C which is very important for sperm development. The more Vitamin C in males can result to more ability of fruitful reproduction.

  1. Helps boost energy and prevents disease

The Vitamin C found in rambutans also provide higher immunity from infections. It also serves as anti-oxidant while it prevents cell damage and diseases.

  1. Makes skin better

The high water content of the fruit helps hydrate your skin making it soft and supple.

  1. Reduces unwanted fat

Rambutans are high in fiber content and low on calories that makes the fruit effective in lessening the body fat content of the human body.

  1. Strengthens bones

Rambutan is rich in calcium, phosphorus and iron that makes the bone stronger. Healthier and stronger bones lead to stable growth and decrease chances of fractures and other bone diseases.

  1. Improves hair quality

A paste made from the leaves of trees is known to provide nutrition to the hair. Many people already tested and experienced a big change in their hair quality in just a few days.

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