4,262 jobs open; only 10 hired!

THE BIG MIS-MATCH—Some 4,362 jobs were available last May 1 at the job fair at the Robs, but only l,434 responded, only 798 were qualified and only 10 were hired on the spot. More jobs yet not much takers. Why?


Only in the Philippines! The Department of Labor says two million  Filipinos are jobless at a given moment. However at the Labor Day job fair, in Dumaguete last Wednesday,  out of the 4,362 job openings  offered, only l,434 applicants responded, among them only 798 were qualified and only ten (yes, 10) applicants were hired on the spot. The rest went home to enjoy their usual free board and lodging with their loved ones. .

Labor Day was celebrated last May 1 Wednesday, with simultaneous job fairs organized by DOLE across the country on this day. Some 200,000 jobs were available but only a few thousands were hired nationwide.

In Dumaguete, texting the CHRONICLE desk, the Dept of Labor DOLE provincial head Maritess Mercado said,   the amazing and shocking surprise of it all is that out of the 4,362 jobs offered, only ten (10) “as in pulo ra,”   were hired and only 798 were qualified for the job and the rest simply had to return to their homes jobless as usual..

This is not fair both to the job fair organizers, the l, 424 unqualified applicants who desperately were seeking any job but could not be taken.  Yet congratulations to the ten applicants who were hired on the spot. Can you spot if there is anything wrong here?

Of course it is the monumental mismatch:  thousands of jobs available, and yet only a handful will qualified, much more hired.  Yet many howl in complaint   when foreign workers like Chinese nationals are imported for hiring.

It is so ironical:   hundreds and thousands of applicants Filipinos on Labor Day nationwide, ended up as not qualified for the job openings.  Imagine, of the 200,000 jobs available and only few hundreds maybe will qualify? In Negros Oriental only ten were hired on the spot and 198 qualified.  This indicates an unmistakable mis-match between jobs available and the courses offered in schools.

Many people believe that most of our colleges and universities both public and private are not offering the proper courses which are commensurate to the future jobs available. A constant synchronization process between DOLE AND DepEd must be made in order to make available jobs commensurate to the applicants.

In Singapore, we had the opportunity to interview students here and they told us that before they take any course in college, government would inform them on possible job openings when they graduate.  It is only then that they decide what course to take because by then, they are already almost sure of employment when they graduate.   This is how labor and education should work together in the Philippines.  .   Education, should offer the right courses and trainings, so that labor will be able to hire the graduates…Upon the future.

What we have now is an oversupply of teachers, maybe nurses, management, liberal arts, English majors, math majors, and others which have no job openings in the near future. That is why job fairs which were offering 200,000 jobs to jobless Filipinos last   Labor day May 1 were not mostly   hired.  Thousands of jobs will remain open, and thousands of applicants will remain jobless. Labor and Education departments are seemingly not doing anything effective about the proper matching of courses offered and jobs available.

When we talk about matching, job openings and their statistics must be provided to the public and the applicants so that only those qualified may apply for the jobs.  Trouble is only a small ratio usually qualify for the job openings offered Why? Because there is no effective synchronization between the  Dept of Labor  and Dept of Education, and even Public Employment Offices (PESO) in informing the public in general  , what are the kind of jobs available.

Then Government should make a list of all jobs available, disseminate it to all possible outlets. We in the media should be informed beforehand like 60 days earlier so information can be disseminated effectively.   School registrars must also be informed.

We hope the Dep-ED AND THE DOLE will have a better working relationship and coordination so that in the next job fairs, the number of applicants who will qualify will match the number of jobs available.

This is the biggest mis match than can happen to our society that has so much adverse effect to the economy of the nation in the future.  And if nothing is done  to improve the situation, the Philippines will never graduate and  as a third world country where  teachers, nurses, arts and management graduates will end up as domestic helpers  around the world.  What a pity……how can you have a nice day.