Only 42% pay rentals in Dumaguete public market

DUMAGUETE CITY- Hundreds of stallholders in the Dumaguete public market are delinquent in paying both their stall rentals and business/mayor’s permit, which prompted the members of the City Council to urge the imposition of stricter penalties including the closure of their business and stalls.

However, the closure of their stall requires due process with the market committee following the issuance of demand letters.

Records show that the collection efficiency in the Dumaguete public market that has 937 occupied and 33 vacant stalls is only about 42%, which diminished the income from the economic enterprise that should help in the maintenance of the public market, which receives multi-million subsidy from the city government annually.

During Wednesday’s regular session of the City Council it was learned that many of the delinquents have not paid for their mayor’s permits and rental for their stalls since 2014. The amount of delinquents vary from P 203,000 to P 3, 000. The most number of delinquents are in the fruits and vegetable section with 82 stalls, meat section, 18; dry goods, 18; fish section, 17; flower/plant, 13 and painitan, 5 stalls.

The City Treasurer’s Office expects to collect more this year than in 2016 that amounted to P 17.5 million. As of September 2017, the city has already collected P14 million and counting.

Councilor Manuel Arbon suspects that the propensity of vendors prioritize paying the loan sharks greatly diminished their capacity to settle the payments for the stall rentals that averages only P47 daily.

To save more money, City Economic Enterprise Officer Engr. Jose Ronnie Fortin has downsized the number of personnel in the Dumaguete public market from 185 in 2006 to just 79 in 2017 (21 regular, 25 casual plantilla and 33 job order employees).


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