4 more shootings in Guihulngan City, La Libertad

People of Guihulngan are exasperated why local authorities have not been able to restore law and order here, and put a stop to the spate of killings in this northern city of Negros starting from the time six policemen were murdered in an NPA ambush.

Governor Degamo expressed alarm why the PNP has not restored the peace in this city. He said he will not issue a confirmation to the provincial PNP director if the spate of killings continue unabated.

Residents in the northern City of Guihulngan expressed alrm after a spate of killings remain unabated and with no suspects in custody by the authorities.

In just 4 days, three were killed and another one was injured in three separate shooting incidents in Guihulngan City and La Liberted.

There are still no suspects apprehended in the killing of Nagsaha Barangay Captain Virgilio Agir Maiscampo, who was fired upon by three unidentified assailants on August 10 while driving his motorcycle in Barangay Magsaysay.

Four days after, two more men were shot and killed in Guihulngan City albeit in separate shooting incidents.

Escudero Soreno was allegedly assaulted by four male suspects while he was feeding his fighting cocks in Barangay Magsaysay. The victim died on the spot.

The second victim was identified as trisikad driver Ernesto Telmoso, a native of Calatrava town, he was shot and killed along the national highway in Barangay Mckinley past 8:00PM, Tuesday. His assailant was on board a motorcycle.

Meanwhile, a 60-year old lady farmer was also shot this time inside her home in Barangay Eli La Libertad town by a neighbor after she refused to lend him money. The suspect fled but the victim, Irene Magbanua survived and was brought to the Guihulngan District Hospital. The suspect, Debie Facturan allegedly used a .45 caliber pistol in the attack.

Residents of Guihulngan City are trying to make sense of the series of shootings that previously killed policemen, a councilor, barangay officials, lowly civilians and alleged rebel sympathizers.

Sincere appeal is being made to the Philippine National Police, City and provincial officials to devise a strategy to restore peace and order and to remove the climate of fear and culture of impunity in Guihulngan City.