300 illegal tricycles in Dumaguete

DUMAGUETE CITY – There are 300 illegal tricycles operating out of 2,500 units in Dumaguete city but the bad news is, the City would not know which ones are illegal unless they flag down each of the 2,500 tricycles one by one.

City pledges to rid the streets of illegal tricycles, but how effectively? And why is the City administration seemingly tolerating its illegal operations as city public conveyance for years now?

Of course, there are now tricycles caught without permits. But when will the City catch the rest? They do not even know who and where they are.

Impartial observers say that if the City Government cannot rid the streets of the operating illegal tricycles, then the City might as well switch to electric tricycles which are most welcome by most city commuters. A new clean and wholesome ride.

The use of electric tricycles in the city might even encourage car owners not to use their cars to their schools and offices if the public transport system in Dumaguete is efficient enough.

The initial crack down was a result of the information relayed by the permit section of City Hall during a program dubbed as “Whats Up in City Hall”, an interaction with members of the media. The report said that out of the total 2,500 operators of motorcabs for hire in Dumaguete, only 2,175 were granted motorized tricycles operators permits (MTOP) as of Monday September 19. This means that more than 300 operators are operating illegally. Furthermore, out of 2,500 motorcabs for hire, only 1,966 were issued mayor’s permits.

TMO Chief Gilbert Ablong immediately directed his men to conduct a massive clamp down on tricycles without permits in response to queries of the media while more than 20 department heads were gathered yesterday to answer questions in relation to their respective mandates and basic services extended to the public.

The Traffic Management Office (TMO) has started rounding up tricycle drivers in Dumaguete for failure to comply with traffic rules and regulations of the city.

TMO operations officer Danny Atillo disclosed at least 50 drivers plying the streets of Dumaguete were flagged down while a lot are driving without the required stickers.

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