3 pilot barrios: ready to enforce segregation

DUMAGUETE CITY – Three Big City Barangay Piapi, Looc and Bantayan are taking bolder steps than their counterparts, three coastal barangays have committed personnel and resources that will implement the waste segregation at source so that only the residual garbage will be collected by the city government.

Under the scheme, the three barangays namely Piapi, Looc, and Bantayan will deploy personnel that will collect all garbage generated by the households and sort them at the barangay Materials Recovery Facility so that only residuals constituting to about 20% of the volume will be transported to the dumpsite.

Looc Punong Barangay Angelita Ragay said that there will be a signing of the Memorandum of Agreement that will formalize their commitment to legislate an ordinance that will impose fines to those who would irresponsibly dispose of their garbage.

The Punong Barangays of Piapi Charlemagne Bantilan and Nerio Grapa of Bantayan have also committed to enforce the responsibilities of the barangays to manage their solid wastes as embodied in the law.

They are optimistic that with their example, other barangays will replicate their practices so they can help the entire city adopt the responsible and legal ways to dispose solid the wastes.

It was Barangay Junob under Punong Barangay Isagani Bana, now an incumbent Kaagwad, which initiated the practice of collecting and segregating the wastes generated from the sources, mainly the households.

All these activities are in accordance to the Zero Waste Cities Project Dumaguete spearheaded by its Manager Merci Ferrer along with allied organizations.

The project is an eight-month endeavor which aims to reduce waste directed to Dumaguete City’s existing dumpsite and future sanitary landfill by promoting waste segregation at source, composting, and recycling. The project focuses on developing circular economy and sustainable and environmentally friendly patterns of consumption in the city built through close collaboration with households and barangay government across barangays Looc, Piapi, and Bantayan which were selected owing to their urban coastal set-up and strong leadership.

The signing of the MOA between War On Waste Break Free From Plastic Negros Oriental (WOWBFFP- NegOr) and Barangays Lo-oc, Piapi and Bantayan follows the successful graduation of Barangay representatives from the Zero Waste Academy (ZWA) in Dumaguete.

This ZWA was an intensive two-week practical and theoretical training exercise that primed participants for all aspects of Zero Waste Work. It included a threeday study tour of cities in Luzon already implementing Zero Waste.