220 noisy mufflers crushed at Quezon Park

Modified Mufflers Dumaguete
People and Mayor watch the crusher smash to pieces the noise of the city, some 250 noisy motorcycle mufflers despite laws banning the same.

DUMAGUETE CITY – Two hundred twenty (220) modified mufflers were destroyed by a road roller at the Quezon Park to underscore the city government’s relentless drive to minimize noise pollution and inconvenience.

For the second time, Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo ordered the destruction of the seized modified mufflers in public using a road roller at the Quezon Park this afternoon.

Sr. Inspector Robelito Mariano of the Provincial Highway Patrol Team turned over to Mayor Remollo the modified mufflers confiscated during checkpoints and other operations with the local police and Special Enforcement Unit.

Councilors Lilani Ramon, Manuel Arbon, Karissa Tolentino Maxino, Joe Kenneth Arbas and SK Federation President Danni Tolentino witnessed the event along hundreds of onlookers.

Mayor Remollo stressed that the city government will continue to implement the ordinance penalizing motorists, who are using modified and noisy mufflers, to minimize complaints, particularly from senior citizens.

However, despite suggestions that authorities should also target stores selling the modified mufflers, there is no existing ordinance allowing the raid of stores and confiscation of illegal items. It was also noted that most exhaust pipes displayed in the stores are not modified upon purchase. Buyers are the ones who decided to modify their mufflers after buying the same.

Meanwhile, Mariano is also finishing his tour of duty in the province after 6 years and will start to conduct his farewell visits to major stakeholders. Mayor Remollo thanked him for his service and will wait for the arrival of his replacement. Mariano will be assigned in Region 6, his transfer may be implemented before the month of July ends.