2 towns to regulate Talinis hikes soon

Both the municipalities of Dauin and Valencia are now seriously working together to come up with a uniform ordinance that will regulate mountain climbing activities in Mt. Talinis.

The famous mountain peaks and adventures plus year-long cool temperature makes the tourist areas ff these two big mountain ranges as insevitable.

The primary objective of the measure is to ensure the protection of Mt. Talinis being the watershed of the province of Negros Oriental.

In fact, it is even being considered that climbing or hikes will be limited to a certain number of months or be made seasonal.

Valencia Vice-Mayor Romeo Alviola states that there are several reasons why there is a need to regulate the forays of climbers in Mt. Talinis: to minimize cases of trees being cut or rare species of flora and fauna being removed from their habitat; minimize the cases of hunting of wild and sometimes endangered species of animals; minimize the trash generated by the hikers and to impose control over the activities and human intrusions.

For the whole year, climbers of various ages continue to scale Mount Talinis leaving trash in the trails and/or cutting trees to generate fire while camping.

There are four routes taken by climbers: they enter via Dauin and exit in Valencia; enter via Valencia and exit in Dauin; enter and exit within Valencia or enter and exit within Dauin.

For now, climbers are still free to scale Mount Talinis, but both municipalities are optimistic they could craft an ordinance through joint sessions of their respective Sanggunians to assert management and control of the activities.

Presently, there are forest guards assigned to protect and conserve Mount Talinis but increased regulation and constant monitoring would be of great help.