1500 deliquent SSS employers to be criminally charged

Social Security Sys-tem SSS newly assumed branch head Elisa LLavan revealed that the local SSS office has listed l,500 private employers who have pending liabilities with the SSS.

Failure to settle their legal mandate with the SSS will result in the filing of criminal charges with damages against them, even as they have been fairly warned and informed.

Some of their liabilities include failure to register their employees with their SSS; failure to remit the premiums of their workers to the SSS; nonpayment of dues to the SSS incurred in line with its programs among others.

MEANWHILE the SSS said most of its l5 million members are good payors. Collections from its 15.4 million actively paying members amounted to P42.57 billion in the first three months of 2018 pushing its total revenues for the period to P49.72 billion.

SSS President and Chief Executive Officer Emmanuel F. Dooc said that the total amount collected was a result of aggressive collection drives such as posting of show cause orders in non-compliant establishments, serving of warrants of arrest together with the Philippine National Police (PNP), and the implementation of the Real-Time Posting of Contributions (RTPC) as a new form of collection system.

“There was a large volume of paying members in the first quarter of this year, majority of them are voluntary members. Combined with the implementation of the RTPC since January 2018 which caused the immediate posting of collections in our system,” Dooc said.

Component-wise, collections from the employed sector registered the biggest amount at P35.75 billion followed by voluntary paying members at P4.78 billion, and self-employed at P2.04 billion.

SSS members’ contribution collection from January to March 2018 grew by 7.64 percent from the P39.55 billion booked in the same period in 2017.