11,206 fined in discipline zone

Some 11, 206 pedestrians and motorists have been issued citation tickets in the first eight months of the year, which if paid fully, could easily translate to P 2.8 million in additional revenues to the city government.

If the trend continues, it is expected that the number of apprehensions will surpass the accomplishment of 2018 in which 12, 664 persons were apprehended for traffic related violations with a corresponding amount of fines totaling P 3.56 million from February to December 2018. Many of those apprehended are not residents of Dumaguete City.

As in last year, many of those apprehended committed illegal parking totaling 3, 275 in (Jan-August 2019) compared to 9,484 in the 11 months of 2018.

There are those arrested for obstruction, 1, 324 in 2019, in contrast to 557 in 2018; parking in the sidewalk, 3, 956 in 2019, 1, 556 in 2018; violation of the anti-smoke ordinance, 115 in 2019, 340 in 2018 and disregarding traffic signs, 1, 805 in 2019, 529 in 2018.

Registered under “Others” include offenses that would sometimes result in the impounding of the vehicles such as driving without license, no plate number attached, no registration, littering, among others: 1, 714 in (January to August 2019) compared to 198 in 2018.

Councilor Michael Bandal, tapped by Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo to oversee Discipline Zone Project, is also serious in imposing punishments to erring enforcers who should know better than commit offenses themselves. Other enforcers have been reprimanded or even fired for their proven infraction and unethical conduct.

The Discipline Zone Project was launched in February 2017 by Mayor Remollo to clear obstructions and restore order in the major city streets with the cooperation of Land Transportation Office, Philippine National Police, Provincial Highway Patrol Team, Department of Interior and Local Government, Environment and Natural Resources Office, Bureau of Fire Protection, Special Enforcement Unit, Tourist Police, Traffic Management Office and Department of Public Works and Highways to enforce with zero tolerance all applicable laws and local ordinances in the 4 kilometer long national highway from Bunao to Robinson in Calindagan from Monday- Sunday.