10 Top Stories of 2019

EJK at ats worst in 2019


The extrajudicial killings were at it s worst in 2019  in Dumagute when at least 22 promInent  murders of known personalities,  including the virtual massacre of 14 farmers in Canlaon  last March 30, highlighted the 2019 crime scene  in Dumaguete city and Negros Oriental , as most killings were political in nature blamed on alleged violation of police protocol. Not to be outdone, the NPAs retaliated killing four policemen in Ayungon in July21. A political killing followed victimizing  in a clear downtown afternoon, the provincial board member Michael Dungog who headed the councillors league. Prominent lawyer Atty Anthony Trinidad was gunned down in Guihulngan in July 4 and in July 27 the former president of the mayors league Edcel Enardecido of Ayungon was   murdered in his own house. Capping the year’s bloody murders was that of Broadcaster Dindo Generoso who was downed  on board his car while going to his morning radio show at Bai Radio in Piapi last Nov. 7. Except of Generoso’s murder where in two were already indicted, the rest are still facing a blank wall. While most suspects’ identity are known, what is lacking is hard evidence that will link them to the murders beyond reasonable doubt. For surely, as the sun rises in the east,  Divine Justice will catch up with the suspects and masterminds at the right time and place. If unrepentant, they already have reservations at the Ghanna.

Oppss.. here’s more Christmas Killings (see page 2).


The illegal drug trade has not diminished, in fact it has joined the millionaires’   club with shabu being caught by the millions of pesos worth like the Ante-Buglasan interception of P13-million worth of illegal drugs brought by college students, on their way to the then forthcoming ‘buglasan affair in October.  Earlier, the ante-founders day annual supply of P6.8Million worth of drugs finally fell into the police dragnet by intercepting the shipment  by students who   hand-carried  the same for the occasion. Another P6.8Million worth of shabu was nabbed in a raid in Sibulan diversion road crossing. Apparently it was intended for a Christmas break. These do not include the almost weekly raids and busts operations conducted by local enforcers.


Dengue struck for many weeks in August placing the figures in epidemic proportions. Surprisingly despite the 2,468 admissions of mostly children , health authorities were too naïve to declare a state of emergency despite the 12  deaths     caused by dengue in rapid successions province wide.


Because of reckless driving by a bus full of students, seven youthful  scholars lost their lives  in March 10,  when the mini bus they were riding  from Cebu went out of control in Mayabon Zamboanguita, on its way to Bayawan. Fifteen students more were badly injured and were rushed to various hospitals in the city.  Henceforth the DepEd ruled that no student outings can be conducted without first securing accident insurance for all participating students.


The recently installed 336 CCTV cameras are due for improvement as it has now served as a major crime-buster. It has solved so many minor and major crimes so far. An improved face enhancement software will soon be installed by its provided in China. Leased at p7Million a year the supplier is obliged to maintain, operate and improve its technology, unlike outright purchase.


Only in the Philippines. In Dumaguete in the Labor Day job fair,  some 4,362 job openings were offered, only 1,434 applicants responded, only 798 were qualified  and finally only 10, yes ten, were hired on the spotl With 2Million jobless nationwide , this great disparity speaks well of the monumental neglect our education department has over our future labor force.

Children of farmers no longer help plow the field because they want  white or blue collar jobs. Sub-standard  (in general)  elementary and high school education,  is free though.   Thus, government has to import for cheaper rice while our farmers deplete their income. Our idle ricelands will soon be converted to subdivision and factory sites.Then the rice farmers will join the ranks of future rice importers. We hope the cycle does not resume.


The entire Catholic clergy for the first time came under heavy fire by no less than its Pope Francis who denounced the tolerance of “black sheeps” within and took up the cudgels of exposing the same for the sake of the greater number who have long been scandalized by “mere transfer” of erring priests.

Victims of molestation were urged to name their perpetrators who should be brought to justice regardless. But so far, the local diocese has not come up with names  specifying and probing their crimes in order the spare the greater number of innocent clergymen.


For the record, the political coalition worked well in Dumaguete as Lupad sweeps the mid term elections of May 13. Thanks too to matured electors , who for the first time elected an independent vice mayor. The provincial board re-elected the governor but opted to elect an all-opposition board members. Tough luck for capitol sanggunian. Dumaguete also had its time of its life such as this.


A local boy makes it to the Supreme Court as the latest batch of Duterte-appointed Associate Justice Edgardo delos Santos of Siaton. He was the legal disciple of the late eloquent Chief Justice Felix Makasiar of Siaton. He married Makasiar’s grand daughter Maribel. Justice Santos  is called by his peers as Mr “Judge EDSA” for obvious reasons.


After a recent meeting this week, the over 2000 tricycle drivers and operators have decided to bond together in their respective units and form an organization which is voluntary under the Constitution. However, the city requires their affiliation to a group so that they can loan for their unit as a cooperative. At present TODAS       means Tricycle and Drivers Association to Serve. There are around 3000 tricycles roaming the streets 24/7. The city government intends to buy all old units in exchange of a new one. The new units come in diesel or gasoline form., it can be bought via installments, more passengers can be accomodated.