Hospital-Covid bills hit P800K in 12 days for just one patient

Did you know that getting sick of Covid19 costs over P800thousnd pesos? Less deductions, net pay was P279thousad pesos. Still un-affordable to an average family. That is why an ounch of prevention is better than 12days in a hospital for Covid19. Pls avoid getting expensively sick with Covid 19,— is the purpose of this expose.

This is the story of a Covid19 patient’s son whose private hospital bill in a Quezon City  unit, reached P879,000 in just 12 days of  confinement.

The family  availed of some P599thousnd pesos deductions and still paid P279thousand pesos to a private hospital not in Dumaguete though.  How much  then,  does it cost to get sick of Covid19 ( God Forbid) in Dumaguete?   This story is intended to give you a good idea.

This story is intended to warn the people that getting down with Covid19 is a very expensive enterprise.  Here are some of the breakdown of the patient’s bill for 12 days confinement.

HOPITAL BILL: P879,100 in 12 days. To wit:

CSS Central supply P251,000; Pharmacy P134,800 (P11,200 per day) dietary P600; info admitting P1500; medical records p700;  Pulmonary P24,900; Laboratory P62,500; Emergency room P17,800; Room charges P37,900 .xray P3800;  ..Professional doctor’s fee, of 4 doctors pP158,600;


Phil Health P333,500;/ HMO healthcare P97,700/ DSWD aid P50,000/  PCSO p10,000/  Senior Citizen20% discount P108,500 Sub total of P599,200.

Net paid to hospital by patient: P279,900.

SEPARATE BILL: still charged to patient:

COVID19 medicine:  Remdesivier P112,600/  Hemo fusion P 47,300/ Oxygen tank P4,800  TOTAL  P164,700 additional payment from the P279,900 paid to hospital.

Anti Hospital Deposit law  RA10932 was not honored because it was a private hospital..Is this correct MR DOH ? How much is the bill in a govenrment hospital?

This facebook testimony  was aired by the son of the patient who  appealed for people to please avoid the decease because Covid 19 is so expensive to treat with no clear cure yet, especially  now that there is still no vaccine available.