COVID chow feud probed; big kitchen to cook P16M food

City Council changes strategy on covid food service for frontliners: make a big city kitchen and cook budget meals themselves instead of buying from commercial suppliers.

The City Council continues to tackle the ethical issues of the multi-million covid food issue for frontliners which now reached up to P10Million even as thousands partook of covid budget meals for three months as part of the city’s incentive for volunteers..

This developed as the City Council decided to approve the mayor’s recommendation that instead of giving the job to commercial food  suppliers, the city government workers will do the cooking  themselves . The City Council appropriated  P16Million instead of P20Million  food budget up to Christmastide  and supervise their own big kitchen manned by city hall casuals and job orders.

“Ethical “issues developed   in the sense that some stakeholders took issue of three suppliers who in one way or the other may have conflict of interest with city hall officials.

At first nobody gave much attention, but when the three-month billing came which reached in millions, eyebrows started to  raise.

Thus the methodology and technical aspects were tackled by the council after there were complaints of alleged spoiled food  and less serious inspection of  food delivered by commercial suppliers.  The probe goes on.


But  nonetheless, in order to avoid questionable transaction for covid food issue for frontliners a big community kitchen manned by city hall workers will cook the food for front liners.

These are budgeted at P75 per meal for 250 workers  for six months till Christmastide reaching P10,260,000; P100,000 for LPG, for cooking utensils, dishwashing items, and other related expenses for preparing food perhaps even in the city hall backyard.

Some 362 Barangay tanods were also to be fed at P4,994,600 and another 544.000 for other expenses or a total of P16million package budget for food to be cooked in the city hall work area.

This instead of an earlier proposal of P20Million which was a bit higher. Officials say this method should avoid speculations of patronage of favored suppliers, which was also denied by those concerned.

Three suppliers include Aladdin, Boy Kanin and a third supplier which was not mentioned in the report.


The issue of ethics in the midst of the pandemic was invoked stating that government money which come from taxes of poor people should be spent with utmost transparency  and frugality.

There should be less if no vested and conflict of interest involved at all if possible to avoid any mis-representation and undue judgment of self enrichment.