Auditor conforms Covid meals chits

City Internal Auditor Feronito Ablong main-tains that he conforms and  is convinced that “there was actual delivery of the food items, as required and needed, under the circumstances at that time” concerning the controversial P12Million Covid packed meals from April to June 2020  for frontliners manning the streets of Dumagete.

In a letter to the Sanggunian, the city Internal Auditor Ablong wrote:

“First, I stand by the statement that I made in the last session I was invited: that I was asked to sign the inspection report in order to facilitate payment. However, while it is true that actual inspection of all food packs may not have been made. I did exercise due diligence in inspecting and verifying the records and the documents to see if there was actual delivery of the food items, as required and needed, under the circumstances at that time. And based on my assessment, I am convinced that those deliveries actually took place. I checked on the attendance, and I checked on the signatures of the ones manning the stations. These documents affirmed delivery of the food packs.

Secondly, to my mind, inspection and verification includes looking at the records and the paper trail. Given the circumstances during the ECQ and GCQ -the fact that there were many checkpoints manned by several people- it would have been humanly impossible for me alone to check each and every food pack for every individual, in all checkpoints from Banilad to the borders in Valencia, Camanjac and Sibulan, 3 times a day in all days of the weeks and months that followed. For this reason, reliance on the paper trail, such as the attendance and the signatures which affirmed receipt of the food pack becomes unavoidable.

For the said reasons, I am standing by the inspection report that I signed.

(FARONITO ABLONG< City Internal Auditor)


Aladdin Restaurant and Café owner Patrick Henry George thru counsel Atty Nerio Bulado wrote Mayor Remollo a collection letter for the food packs supplied from April 9 to June 15, 2020 relating his sad experience with the incident thus:

“My client submitted on September 4, 2020, the last of the documents required by Ms. Dorren Paulina Cordova, the City Accountant, for the payment of my client’s account. We were anticipating that the voucher will be signed and approved by her this week. We however learned that she suddenly filed a leave of absence.

Her act apparently is designed to further delay, if not avoid, payment of my client’s account. Obviously, she has allowed herself and her office to be used by her brother, Vice-Mayor Alan Gel Cordova, who has openly and vehemently opposed payment to my client. For this reason, we request that Ms. Cordova be recused or inhibited from acting on my client’s account and to direct any of her assistants to act thereon. We have lost trust and confidence on Ms. Cordova to do her duties impartially under the prevailing circumstances.

We pray your Office will accordingly act with dispatch on this request. Again, your written response hereon is expected pursuant to RA 6713. (SIGNED Atty. NERIO NB. BULADO)