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  “Cut down the unproductive trees that pose danger.” So the Good Book says. But these giant century-old acacia trees felled by the government is a mute witness to the vistages of History. If only they can speak words that we understand.  
  MARCH 29, 2015 EDITION  

      BMs stripped of Stradas by Gov    

The tug-of-Stradas between the governor and opposition board members rages as capitol legislators are asked to take the bus should they want to visit their constitutents and pet projects.

This developed as Gov Degamo ordered the return of assigned government vehicles ( mostly luxurious Stradas) to the motor pool because their job is not to visit and inspect nor implement projects but to make laws.

The vehicles, he said, is more needed by engineering people to visit provincial projects and monitor its implementation which is the job of the governor’s office as executive officer.


In the event of any resistance or defiance, Degamo said, if service vehicles are not returned after the withdrawal order, their respective memorandum receipts will be marked as carnapped vehicle and subject to interception by the Highway Patrol Group.

Actually, what angered the governor was the pullout of P18M of his “porkish” funds for board members projects into the vice governor’s control; the pullout of P15M for the guv’s medical mission...



There’s a nasty “tug-of-war” of sorts at the capitol between the anti-Degamo board members and Roel himself. Both exerting their borrowed powers from the people. SP opposition led by Mark Macias took control of P18Million funds for board members’ projects erstwhile under the governor’s office.

In return, Degamo recalled all assigned Stradas and SUVs from the board members saying, legislators don’t implement projects, they make policies. So they have no business travelling , “inspecting” projects. Implementation rests on the governor. All BM’s traveling and representation allowances are given back to them. You ride the Ceres, he quipped.

Still in return, the opposition board members, cut the governor’s P15Million for his “non-political” medical missions, and gave the money instead, to district hospitals so patients can be treated there. Degamo? He allows this but still he plans to get those medicine for the district hospitals and still use this for his non-political missions. Well, this governor should have taken up medicine course instead of engineering. He will make a better doctor! And Macias should have taken political science since he has left ortho practice in Manila, and he is fast gaining political experience and expertise.



Today six million Singaporeans will give their final goodbye to their founder and greatest leader Lee Kuan Yew who in our opinion, has epitomized the description of Jesus as to who is the REAL leader: “He who leads must be the servant of all.”

In the same vein, the whole Christendom marks today the final week celebration of the founder and greatest leader of mankind, Jesus Christ, who epitomizes forever, his incomparable brand of leadership as the Creator of the Universe who allowed himself to die as man in the most shameful way of a criminal but without sin if only to rescue the human race from eternal damnation.

Mr Lee Kuan Yew may not have been a Christian, but he walked the talk of what it is to be a great leader. We have no time to compare Lee with our Filipino leaders who we can only expect to read Mr Lee’s biography and learn from him.’

"Instead of releasing
the pain thru forgiveness, some rip and recall it
over and over."



I would like to convey my sincere thanks to Fr. Lean Purcell, CSSR for his feedback and comment to my brief article on Pedophilia on Feb. 8, 2015 issue. That very article was written a number of years ago when an actual report of a foreign national was sued in court for molesting some children both boys and girls. He invited them to his place and gave them something to eat, took some pictures and brought them to swim in private beaches...

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Gossip has always been a problem in the world; particularly in the Philippines. At one time here in Negros the punishment for spreading gossip was to have a burning branch shove in the person’s mouth. It does not seem to bother anyone that the gossip they are spreading hurts people and is most often false...

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