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  LIKE APEC : this photo ops reminds some of the recently concluded APEC conference in Manila, this time, a joint goodwill visit of two sister cities of Dumaguete: the delegations from Alameda city in California USA and Jeongdong-gun city of South Korea. They both arrived to join in the city fiesta celebration last Wednesday and the city’s charter anniversary Nov. 24.  

      Four NegOr goods eye export to U.S.    

Four major products manufactured in Negros Oriental are eyeing themselves to join the export industry with its entry point through its sister city Alameda in California, U.S. whose mayor led a delegation to develop cultural, education and business exchanges and opportunities.

Also here Nov. 23- 25 in time for the 67th Charter Day Anniversary were a l5-men and women delegation from Yeongdon-gun South Korea, another sister city of Dumaguete. They donated 100 computers and several printers for city public schools.


These locally produced products offered for export are:

Organic Muscovado Sugar for US and Korean Market by the Raw Brown Sugar Milling Co of ATty Florian Alcantara; it is now being marketed in Japan.

Dehydrated Fruits like Mango, Papaya, Jackfruit, and water melon by Orient Foods Industries of the Sy Group of Companies under Danford S...



The entry of Davao Mayor Rodrigo “Digong” Duterte to the presidential race could not be possible without long, strategic planning and sufficient logistics.

And for lawyer senator Alan Peter Cayetano to accept, if not offer himself, as Digong’s vice president is a product of long and precise calculation. Look at the pattern.

Nobody in his right mind will believe that Mayor Duterte’s decision to run was only lately provoked by the Grace Poe “victory” in her foundling issue and citizenship. Duterte has long decided to go for the presidency because he has a backer with a big pocket book.

Our guess is that he is the best bet of the American interest not only in the Phlippines but in the entire ASEAN group of countries. You cannot blame Dueterte, as anyone can help finance his candidacy and we agree that Duterte fits the leader and fighter who can promote American interest in the Pacific, not only in the Philippines. His Davao reputation speaks more than words. He could yet be the next Lee Kwan Yu for the Philippines, who knows? Unless he does a Biblical Saul.



The best gift the city could offer some 42 visiting sister city officials of California and South Korea is— of course you guessed it— a replica of the city’s “king of the road:” the tricycle or the pedicab of Dumaguete.

This durable, dependable but mostly cranky mode of mass transport in the city, and now, which should be headed towards historical extinction, to be replaced with environmental friendly electric tricycles, had its replica given to visitors as a jurasic-like souvenir. When the visitors return, hopefully the tricycle will be a thing of the past like the dinosaurs.

Alameda City, California USA and Yeongdong-gun South Korea delegates, made a timely simultaneous visit to Dumaguete, Nov. 23-25, in time for the annual fiesta celebration and 67th Charter Anniversary.

Manufactured with precise ingenuity by a local tinsmith and welder, the replica of the tricycle is the counterpart of Manila’s Jeep ni Erap. Here it is sometimes dubbed as the crankiest thing that has ever clogged city streets at peak hours.

Much to the visitors’ appreciation, the city arranged a tricycle ride as their final “paseo” to their final destination which was the Sibulan airport, so they could experience what it is like to travel along the city streets on board the local king of the road.

“When we walk
humbly with our God, he accomplishes what we cannot.”


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