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  DUMAGUETE DELEGATION to Alameda, California, U.S.A now gets a return visit this fiesta week headed by Alameda Mayor herself Trish Spencer and Negrense sponsor Cynthia Bonta, both flanking Mayor Sagarbarria.  

      5 dead, 4 hurt as cops, bandits clash    

MABINAY —— Five, out of ten, members of what law enforcers described as armed bandits, two of whom had ID cards with the Bais City Security Group, were reportedly killed in anencoun- ter with members of the Regional Public Safety Batallion (RPSB-7) Wednesday, inside the office of the DENR (Dept of Environment and Natural Resources) here.

PSI Rogelio Pacificar, chief of police of Mabinay reported to his boss, Col Dionard Carlos, provincial PNP director, stating that what started as a vain attempt to recover a confiscated chainsaw from the DENR ended into a bloody carnage at the DENR office after the armed men refused to be frisked for suspected guns, and fired first at responding PNP mobile group.

The PNP response team was led by PInsp Lowelyn Reyes, officer-in-charge of the 1st company based in Mabinay. They were responding to an “Armed Alarm Persons” while inside the compound of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) in Bulwang, Mabinay on or about 2:25 Wednesday afternoon (nov18)...



The Senate Electoral Tribunal’s decision upholding Sen. Grace Poe’s natural-born status could be reversed with the help of 12 remaining associate Justices of the Supreme Court.

This is because the 5-4 decision in Poe’s favor was handed down by 5 senator-members while the SET’s three associate justices were outnumbered even if there was Nancy Binay for the 4th vote.

In short the Supreme Court judges, namely, Associate Justices Carpio, SET chairman; De Castro and Brion decided on the basis of law while the rest decided on the political merits of the case.

They have ten days to appeal and the unsavory consequences of a reversal is that : Poe will be declared a non-natural born , then will be disqualified , to run for president and consequently might not be able to go back as senator after the elections. We hope it will not happen.

Which brings us to the strong possibility of a decision by Mayor Digong Duterte to make a run for the presidency? Looks like Bongbong Marcos might be his choice if not Sen. Cayetano.



The just-concluded APEC meeting of 14 countries comprising the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation hosted by Manila for two days ended Thursday, and for those who witnessed its activities by nationwide television, it was itself a display of a typical fiesta celebration of sorts in the Philippines.

This is relevant for us Dumagueteños because this week is fiesta week and we even have foreign dignitaries as official guests of the City.

Officially, nothing really concrete was concluded at the APEC summit except goodwill, friendship, and camaraderie which otherwise should have lessened political tensions that presently beset the ASEAN region.

Nothing was achieved in the brewing tension in the south China Sea even as the US, China and Manila, w ere on one table just exchanging pleasantries, just airing sentiments without going down to brass tacks.

As Filipino hosts, even if we are just in far Negros island, we are proud our country’s gesture of extending our brand of hospitality which we are sure were not present in those of our guests’ countries.

“For marriage
to survive, spouses
must kill one’s pride and
let humility reign.”


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