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  Senate Blue Ribbon chair TG Guingona and former mayor of Dumaguete City, Atty. Felipe Remollo at CROSS TALK over BAI RADIO would not even confirm who the LP choice will be for president. But the LP has no other choice but Roxas. Yet a PNoy vice president with Roxas could spell the difference.  
  JUNE 28, 2015 EDITION  

      LP NegOr heads for major split?    

There is a big possibility that the Liberal Party echelon in Negros Oriental may be headed to a major split should the incumbent governor decide to join and be accepted by the administration party.

The meeting of Blue Ribbon Committee chair Sen. TG Guingona with the Governor, the support of Degamo to the Negros Region of Mar Roxas, and his perceived desire to join the LP according to former Dumaguete City mayor Felipe Remollo are more than bold sign languages that tend to show that Degamo is headed to join the Liberals.

Certainly the old LP guards will not take it sitting down, headed by their woman head Josy Sy-Limkaichong in the north who is the local party titular head. This was also confirmed by Remollo who told the CHRONCLE that he has relinquished his LP leadership in the province to Limkaichong.

But Remollo has brought Senator Guingona to a meeting with Degamo who reportedly joined their fellowship with the Remollo clan and the Bais groups of TATA and Karen Villanueva.

Many times, Remollo met with Degamo which means that LP stalwarts are talking secretly with Degamo, analysts opine...



Negros Oriental will be the seat of at least 16 regional offices of major and coveted national line agencies, including the attached bureaus and divisions as part of the administrative union of the Negros Island Region envisioned to be operational in January 2016.

The Technical Working Groups of the province of Negros Oriental and Negros Occidental met Friday at the national office of the Department of Interior and Local Government with Secretary Mar Roxas presiding to finalize the division of regional offices that will be set up in the cities of Dumaguete and Bacolod during the transition period. The Negros Island Region will also be referred to as Region 18.

Vice-Governor Mark Macias lauded the delegation from Negros Occidental led by Governor Alfredo Maranon for being gracious enough to give the Oriental side the first crack in choosing which national agencies will hold its regional offices in Dumaguete City.



No problem if Mar Roxas makes it. But if someone else like Jojo Binay or Grace Poe will win the presidency, will they support the Negros Island Region which was only created by an Executive order (EO183) by a past president who was with their political rival party?

This is a high-risk question on Negros Island Region knowing that the new president can revoke such executive order, EO183 anytime, unless it becomes a Congressional enactment.

Moreover, the Supreme Court will be petitioned shortly by militant groups to have E0183 creating Negros Island Region abolished . The highest tribunal might yet give due course to the constitutional attack made against one Negros Region by BAYAN which is intending to file such case starting with the lower courts anytime.

Technical Working Group (TWG) senior member Dr Henry Sojor, former president of the Norsu State University said that “there is nothing we can do if the new president abolishes Negros Island Region which is only an administrative creation.” Ditto if the Supreme Court decides otherwise with finality.

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