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  A firm handshake between NORECO-II Chairman of the Board of Directors Atty. Dicen-Tagle and Greencore GCGI’s President Richard Tantoco sealed the best deal yet forged to ensure a reliable supply of 25 MW from the Palinpinon plants in Valencia at a lower rate. Among Wednesday’s signatories to the signing of the amended PSA are (from left) General Manager Dionefred Macahig, BOD Vice-Chairman Clarence Claire K. Sayson and GCGI Senior Vice-President Victor Santos.  

      Direct power buy to lower monthly bills    

By buying electric power directly from the source which is Green Core, the 105,000 member-consumers of the Negros Oriental Electric Cooperative II (NORECO2) will find a significant reduction in their monthly electric bills and a stable supply starting December this year.

These are the direct benefits derived from the amended Power Supply Agreement between NORECOII and Green Core Geothermal Incorporated that translate to about 0.33 per kilowatt hour rate reduction amounting to P 30 million in savings for member consumers.

GCGI President and Chief Operations Officer Richard B. Tantoco acknowledged that the negotiating team of the cooperative headed by Atty. Fe Marie Dicen-Tagle, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Engr. Chito Lozano was very keen on getting what they always wanted for their member consumers: stable supply of 25MW of electricity at a reduced rate.

Lozano said that under the amended contract NORECO II consumers are assured of a stable electric supply at a reduced rate from P5.38 kilowatt per hour to P 5.05 that will be reflected in the November 2014 bills until 2025...



Some legal minds just love to play in their favorite courts in that even if the local courts have decided one thing illegal, they still would love to play and elevate it to the higher courts which of course will make things final and executory.

Case at point is the recent 8-page decision by RTC Judge Jesus B. Tinagan who declared two ordinances embodied in a Memo Agreement allowing 100 tricycles from Dumaguete and Sibulan to traverse the national highway to do business in both areas, involving local autonomy.

Judge Jessie ruled that regardless of intentions, the MOA violates DILG implementing rules and circulars prohibiting the plying of tricycles on the national highway. The four-wheeled jeepneys and multicabs were the first to howl against that ordinance allowing 100 tricycles entry and exit in the national highway between Dumaguete and Sibulan. They will appeal even if such is in violation of a national law banning tricycles from the national highway. In the meantime , all national roads for that matter should be devoid of tricycles. But, the big but is: do our local authorities have enough balls to implement these laws ? |Tricycle drivers seem to have more balls to violate the laws than officials wanting to enforce the same.



Our two-cents analysis shows that the reason why DILG Sec Mar Roxas and Pnoy Spokesman Ed Lacierda have personally supervised the relief operation in Samar is because they want to ensure that food and shelter needs are effectively and equitably distributed.

The implication is, during times of emergency and want, where food and shelter is scarce, there is always that temptation to hoard some goods in one’s favor to favor friends or relatives.

Hoarding in times of need may be wrong, but sometimes, during times of want and hunger, the beastly instinct of man comes to play and it might have happened in the last Yolanda relief distribution.

This time, Manila people want it done right because times are hard in calamity struck areas. We can now see that food and help is coming fast, and the far-flung areas are now being attended to unlike during the Yolanda crisis.

"God forgives
boundlessly, the selfish forgives hesitantly."


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Honoring a scientist

In what could have been a long overdue recognition for research work done on coastal communities both as a scientist and friend of the Filipino people, Dr. Garry R. Russ, professor of marine biology in James Cook University in Townsville, Australia was given an institutional recognition by Silliman University as part of the General Education Integrative Learning Lectures...

It is generally accepted the most under reported crime in the world is rape. It is estimated that annually 500,000 women are raped in South Africa, 200,000 in Egypt, 85,000 in the United Kingdom and 32,000 in China. This makes the estimated 6,000 annual rapes in the Philippines seem almost small in comparison. But one rape is too...

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