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Netizens of City, help solve traffic mess. VOLUNTEERS CALLED VOLTES 5 STRATEGIZE HOW TO EASE CITY TRAFFIC CONGESTION. A preliminary discussion TO help the City to address the traffic problems RL Silliman Salonga Center Director Atty. Mikhail Lee Maxino, Engr. Flormilo Avenido, Engr. Caesar Cavales, Engr. Konrad Villaluz and Prof.Ramon Del Prado. They volunteer for a traffic efficiency system and act as the think tank group of City Hall.
  JULY 24, 2016 EDITION  

      One-hotline for all emergencies    

The number to call in all kinds of emergencies in Dumaguete in the future will be “111” or “333” and a call-central similar to Davao’s and America’s 911 will push your call to the agency concerned. The blueprint and works are now in the pipe line.

The netizens involved will be mostly from city professionals, and academe and netizens who will be trained by the Davao 911 group who was sent by President Duterte earlier when he was still running for president.

If passed, all emergency cases will now be channeled through either “111” or “333,” the equivalent of Davao City’s 911, to ensure quick and appropriate responses by authorities and professionals.




President Duterte if he reads his Bible, should know that dealing with China, he should be “sharp and wise as serpents , but gentle as doves,” because we are treating a bully who does not want to be bullied. It’s all psychological war.

Nobody wants to hold boxing nor missle matches. In human terms, it is a matter of pride vs. humility. No China will show embarrassment.

The chinaman will be firm on his stand. The more one pounds on her about the decision, the more she will snub the decision. One day it will explode. It only takes a “provocateur” to spark a war.

This tension could escalate and might trigger World War III. In our own view, looks like China and Russia will join hands in this world tension. Both are angry with the U.S . The Arabs are also mad at Israel who is a U.S. ally. Arabs can join China. So we little Philips, should be wise, let us calculate oursteps. Let us not do a “hala hala” as dagohoyanons would put it. We are now in the crossfire. That is a fact. We can be crushed anytime.

We should be nice to China. We should be humble in victory. Let us not be part provocateurs. Remember, we are nothing in the international war arena. The best way to treat China now, that she does not want to be embarrassed as being “tough but dull,” vs Filipiinos who are “wise but weak” is that: we should be nice to them.



Let’s just say that they have different political agenda including different levels of style in governance, but the People are glad that city hall and capitol are now getting a kind of unity we have long missed.

Looking at things in a higher perspective, Heaven has always a way of putting things back in order. The return of Ipe Remollo to city hall after 15 years enabled him to gather enough highstakes contacts in Manila that can spur speedy development for Dumaguete. Already on his second week three big investors have already visited and talked with city hall for investments in garbage disposal, traffic , and housing.

Mayor Remollo who was shoved off by the local LP leadership for political jealousy or insecurity was instead welcomed by Gov Degamo and Mayor Duterte who is IPE’s long-time cousin in the Veloso clan. This set up would also speed up the restoration of order in this crime-anddrug –ridden city. A special Duterte team for change is coming over to Dumaguete shortly.

>Very timely is the victory of VP Leni Robredo whose Manila legal circle ties with IPE Remollo has now in the pipeline a 3-story model condo-type quarters for Looc squatters, victims of the election- eve fire in Looc.



Cost of discipleship: unconditional surrender; its dividents: joy and peace.


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