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  JAMPACKED BOULEVARD from Tempura area to Honeycomb, the four-hour concert cut short by rain, took three days to prepare and install, causing hilarious traffic jams which diverted traffic to smaller sidestreets which became clogged with vehicles. Next day it was back to normal.  
  AUGUST 30, 2015 EDITION  

      Rain cuts concert's 3-day roadblock!    

"What went well, ended well,” said City Mayor Manuel Sagarbarria over Thursday’s one-night Earth Jam free concert at the boulevard which was rocked with controversy because of what some bureaucrats described as “lapse in judgement, and lack of anticipation."

The jampacked crowd from the Tempura area to the Honeycomb quickly dispersed by 1am because of a persistent drizzle.

For the first time in history , the city’s prime show- window which is the city’s Rizal boulevardnational road was blocked for three days, —to the furious reactions of day-motorists and tourists. Worse the major city roadblock for three days was done without full knowledge of our city lawmakers. How come?

Mayor Sagarbarria, who was among the crowd, told the CHRONICLE that it was not anticipated by city tourism head, RR Maquiling, that a four-hour free concert took three days to prepare because of the huge stage.

The boulevard was blocked during the stage construction which took 3 days long to prepare, for the four-hour concert. The city council ruled that henceforth no such road blockade will be allowed for three days...




ATOM LEADER DIES: Many things happened during the full-packed week that passed. First, EDSA’s part hero Butz Aquino, ATOM leaderfounder of EDSA revolt died of cancer.

PRESIDENTIAL BROD DIES: On the same week, the brother of ex-president Gloria Arroyo also died of cancer while she remains detained at the Veterans Hospital with no specific charges except several pregraft probes.

BACK STORY: WIFE CORY RUNS AND WINS the PRESIDENCY: she was president for almost two decades and died of cancer in 2010. Son PNoy who admits, is totally undreamed of and unprepared for the presidency, soared in the survey for president in 2010 elections. Mar Roxas slid down as VP and PNoy runs and wins the Presidency in 2010.

ROXAS is anointed by the man to succeed him in 2016. Another lady-daughter of actor Fernando Poe, Grace, tops the survey and wants to do a PNOY. Will she run for president finally ? or Mar’s vice president? Mar arrives Dumaguete tomorrow enroute to Cebu. He will be our guest at CROSS TALK on DYEM BAI RADIO. Stay tuned. Ask him questions.

Then: ENRILE FREED ON P1.5M BAIL : What a former chief justice described as appearing to be the most guilty, martial law architect Johnny Enrile as part of his signature image, goes out on bail in the biggest crime charged on him in the P178M porkbarrel graft scam. No charges filed yet. Then he goes out on bail “and was quoted to have been oozing to get back to work in the senate as minority leader.”



The reluctance, if not distrustful reaction, of Grace Poe on the Liberals’ invitation for her to run as their vice president with Mar, indicates that she has information which we the people do not have.

For instance, she is reluctant to trust some elements in the Liberal Party whom she “accuses” as having a hand in raising the case against Poe’s nationality issue. On the other hand, being unseasoned politically, Poe needs to understand that, as the oldest political party, the LP boys have to have some “plan B” just in case Poe declines, finally.

Poe tells the LPs to go ahead and “not wait for her” decision to or not to run with Roxas. If the LPs have to go, and then go, she tells them. Don’t wait for me.

The name of the game is power. There are those on Poe’s side who are reluctant to release Poe’s to the LPs, lest they who “built her up” will be left behind the powers that be should Poe win the polls.

“It is futile to look
back with regrets; it is
FAITH to look ahead
with rejoicing.”



Webster defines morality as the quality of that which conforms to right principles of human conduct. If we look closely around us in the world today, we can see the many signs of degrading lifestyles.

The family which was a solid foundation in society is threatened by many dangers like materialism, consumerism, divorce, immorality and infidelity. With the exception of a few, one can see that family life is becoming less of a model where true love and concern for one another prevails.

The youth on the other hand is confused, and in their search for their identity, are exposed to drug addiction, sexual experimentation, abortion, and vices. Society as a whole is in chaos and there is a need to redirect our lives in order to live a meaningful existence. It is on this premise that I would like to share on the importance of moral cleanliness.

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